Make Something of Myself
by Derek Brink
Copyright 2010, Work in Progress.
Reprinted by permission.


I'm tired of being
who everybody thinks I am.
I've started to believe that lie myself.
Iím more than just
the open book they've memorized,
down inside somewhere, past the cries for help.

But no one's pulled me up by my bootstraps.
So maybe I should try it myself.

I'm tired of being written off and apologized for.
I'm not sure of just what I do
to bring about the situations I'm known for,
but I know I've never meant to.

Gotta grab hold of my own bootstraps.
I can't pin this on anybody else.

Gotta make something of myself...make something of myself...
I'm tired of being pissed and bored, tolerated, then ignored.
There's got to be something else.

I'm tired of being tired of who I think I am,
but I'm not sure of how to be myself.
I keep changing my spots to stripes to spots
and back again, just to try to pacify someone else.

Gotta grab for the brass ring
while itís still there.
I think I can reach it if I try.