"Outdoor Summer Concerts" was one of two singles I released in 2015. It's a fun rock song about listening to fun rock songs. I had a few lines sitting around for a while...  For example the "party hard with townies and the local rock band groupies" line had been sitting in a notebook for about two years.  Likewise the "she only smokes when she's been drinking" line had been in and out of a couple of different lyrics before coming to rest here. But for the most part I wrote it after getting home from a road trip to go to an outdoor festival.  Had a good time there, but outdoor concerts aren't really my scene (I like air conditioning too much) so the idea of this song started bubbling.  The line "Outdoor Summer concerts hit me right where my heart hurts" came out and it kind of wrote itself from there.  Ended up being about a girl.  Because why sing a song about Summer if you're not going to put a girl in it?

I like this song a lot and it was a good stop on the way to writing the "Trigger Warnings & Sunshine" album. One of my present favorites in my collection (as of September 2017).

Accompanying video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0qpOZwG3yB4