Recorded in one take, just guitar and vocal. I liked how raw it ended up feeling, so I'm sharing it. It's rough and if I were to put it on an album (and maybe I will--if so this version will come down at that time), I'd clean it up a little and probably have a couple more instruments there, but for now this is fine.

This is a song that started out as a poem I posted on Facebook and my blog. It was written during a time of extreme doubt in God's intervention in my life. Not so much from an atheist point of view, just of one that no longer thinks God actively cares what happens to me. It's best summarized by something I've said elsewhere, "If he wants me, he knows where to find me. If not, that's his choice. We're not speaking at the moment. He knows what he did."

When I sat down and wrote the music, it came out kind of Irish. Because of course it was going to.