Hello and welcome to Wayne County.


In April of 2011, Derek came into posession of a 1929 Vega Tenor Banjo. Upon coming into possession of this beautiful antique, Derek immediately became fueled by the desire to record a project of folk-based music.  The "Wayne County EP" is the result of that desire.  This is a seven-song project made up of new and re-worked material, entirely played on folk-based instruments (with some mild exceptions).  We're sure Derek will soon present an entirely too long text document he wants us to upload, describing the process and the songs...but for the moment, just know that this was his fastest turnaround EVER on a solo project, he's very proud of it, and he hopes you like it.

The downloads below are ABSOLUTELY FREE.  No catch.  No submitted e-mail addresses.  No signups.  No bullshit.  Just click and save however you normally do it in your world.  Also included are a couple of PDF documents that have printable artwork for those of you who want to keep a physical copy around.